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Saturday, September 03, 2005

An astute observation...

from Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez at La Queen Sucia.

If you don't think it's possible to spare lives ahead of a hurricane, you should look at the Cuban government's policy of forced evacuation. Yes, it's totalitarian. Yes, I have HUGE problems with Cuba's government. But when a massive storm hit the vulnerable town of Cienfuegos a while back, NO ONE DIED, because the poor, isolated nation of Cuba was able to put all the poor, carless people of that town onto buses and get them OUT before the storm hit.

These hurricanes do not just POP up. Bush had plenty of warning. The Weather Service issued stark predictions, and reiterated again and again how SERIOUS this was going to be. The wording they used in their releases was unprecedented for its seriousness and gravity. But our government did nothing other than tell people to leave, knowing full well that the city of New Orleans was populated mostly by the poor, many of whom probably didn't even have bus fare to get out. Many of whom were children. And we did nothing.

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