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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A blog in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing...

Came across this blog (aptly named Pompous Windbag) while surfing. Some illuminating insights from the blogmaster:

In response to Celine Dion's tearful admonition on CNN Larry Live to stop focusing on the looters and focus on those in need of help: "Yeah right, Celine. If your mansion ever gets looted remember those sentiments. Celine also is highly critical of Pres. Bush and the response of the federal govt. Big surprise. The nonsense these entertainment elites spew is sickening. Perhaps growing up in the Peoples Republic of Canada is what caused your skewed view of reality. Maybe growing up and marrying the man who molested you when you were 13 had some effect. Get a life, Ms. Dion. Stay in Las Vegas, sing and dance, enjoy life. Don't spout off about something you have no comprehension of. Celine Dion proves what I have always stated...It is soooo easy to be liberal when you are a multi-millionaire." (bold added by me; note to blogmeister: before you commit libel, get your facts straight; Celine and her husband did not enter into a romantic relationship until she was way past her majority, so where do you get off calling someone a child molester?)

Here's his solution to the overflowing prison system: "Escape From New York is one of my favorite films. John Carpenter's modern classic had me thinking. Why not take a cue from the movie and wall off New Orleans, making a huge penal colony for the scum that inhabit our state prisons? As we speak, bands of armed thugs are taking control of the city. They are fighting for control like the warlords of Somalia. I say we give them what they want after evacuating all the living in the city. Build a 50ft wall around New Orleans and top it with razor wire. Install cameras to keep an eye on the mayhem. Heck, have a monthly pay-per-view event on cable. Charge 19.95 to let folks watch the scumbags kill each other. Take all the vermin serving time on the many death rows in the nation as well as all the dirtballs serving life with no parole and drop them in their new seaside home of New Orleans. Building a wall would be cheaper than re-building a city. Look at the advantages. Prison populations go down. Costs go down, no guards, medical care or food for these parasites of society. Just a big city to call their own. Drug dealers, murderers, rapists and other scum get to vie for the title of King of New Orleans. They can shoot, rob and rape each other. Man, it will be like Club Med for Human Debris! I know this will never occur, it just chaps my ass to see people getting carjacked and shot at while trying help the needy. Eventually New Orleans will be rebuilt and hopefully return to it's normal party atmosphere. Sigh....but a guy can dream."

Oh well; free speech is a right given to everyone. So even the Archie Bunkers have a right to rant.

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