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Monday, February 13, 2006

Not "family-friendly?"

I removed my sidebar link to today and asked that the site also remove my artwork from its database. Why? Well, yesterday I discovered that the site had removed two of my pics without notifying me and when I queried the administrator about it, he emailed to say that pictures deemed not "family-friendly" had been removed. My work had been posted at the site for a few years and I had always found the artwork featured there quite extraordinary, sometimes even cutting-edge. Although I am not nearly as talented as a lot of artists featured, I felt a certain level of accomplishment that any of my work had been chosen. And as far as I knew, there was no censorship. It was only yesterday that I began to suspect a change in direction.

Anyway, yesterday while searching out a link to one of my pics, I saw that my portfolio had been whittled down to two works instead of the original four. And I found it curious that there were alternating link captions for my two remaining pieces asking: "Do You Have Peace in Your Life?" and "What Happens When You Die?" Well, when I clicked on one of the links, it took me to Billy Graham's website. Seems that the reverend is now one of the site's sponsors.

My suspicions were confirmed with today's email. Needless to say, I'm disappointed by this censorship. Ironically, one of the pieces removed was set in the Garden of Eden. And even more ironic was that I had covered my "Eve" (renamed Yvette) with a bikini bottom out of decorum and was taken to task in comments saying that I should have left her nude. And yes, Adam is nude. Which means you can see his penis (but it's ever so indistinct that it might as well not be there). And here's another irony: my other pic was entitled "Leaving Hell." You'd think that a ministry that preaches about the perils of hell would appreciate the title at least. But again, there was nudity and the pic is symbolic of the breakup of a marriage.

So, if nudity is not "family-friendly," I would advise parents not to take their kiddies to the MOMA or the Louvre, as you never know what obscenity you'll run into.

Check my "unfriendly" pics and judge for yourselves:

Leaving Hell

Adam and Yvette (Pastoral)

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