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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pamela Grier still has it going on

So I happened to catch an episode of The L Word the other night and got distracted from my nightly ironing by an I/R couple getting it on up against a wall. Only when the very attractive man pulls back do I see that the woman he's been avidly tonguing and groping is none other than Foxy Brown Mama Pam Grier. I note the man is considerably younger, but no matter. Ms. Grier still has that something something that defies age (a trait I hope I am in possession of when I hit my fifties) and that makes men of all generations take a moment just to sigh.

Audience never seem to tire of Ms. Grier's considerable attributes. I remember a few years ago she co-starred on a cable show called Linc's Place, which featured a Republican-voting, Bush-loving Af-Am bar owner named Linc whose Washington, D.C. bar provided a hang-out for the black politicos, shakers and movers. One of those movers was a divorced lobbyist played by Ms. Grier who was never shy of admirers, including Linc. She even had to fight off the persuasive attentions of a rather fine young thang who had trouble keeping his hands off her.

So, In my fantasy world I'm thrown up against a wall and tongue-whipped. And have fine young thangs sniffing up after me. Ms. Grier is living my fantasy. I want it back, please. Thank you.

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