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Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh c'mon, let's talk a littl girl talk...

Obviously some issues are more important than others. I mean, why discuss the underrepresentation of female characters in children's programming when you can dish on someone's handsome young husband and cute liddle kiddies?

Such was the case during an interview with CNN's Kyra Phillips and actor Geena Davis who portrays the U.S. president in Commander In Chief. The interview was supposed to be about Davis' project See Jane, which focuses on increasing the number of females shown in children's programs. However, Ms. Phillips seemed more interested in discussing how Ms. Davis managed to bag her a young 'un (Davis' husband is 15 years her junior) and how adorable her kiddies are.

Can you imagine an interview between two women obstensibly about the nuclear build-up in North Korea where the interviewer keeps diverting the topic to dating? "Oh c'mon we can talk about nuclear armament anytime. What I really want to know is what it's like to kiss ____?" (fill in the name of any Hollywood male hunk here)

It's surprising that Phillips took this tack during the interview. Here is a news correspondent and anchor who has won Emmies as well as the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award, who was the first newswoman to fly in an F-14 air-to-air combat training mission over the Persian Gulf, who was an embedded reporter during the first year of the war in Iraq, who spent a month in Anarctica for a documentary where she slept in an igloo and rappelled down glaciers. And the most she can focus on during this pivotal interview is how amazing Davis's husband and kids are.

I posted a similar complaint about women's magazines and their fluff factor. It seems that if there is a choice between writing about serious issues affecting women and the world or how women can be better lovers in bed, guess which topic is gonna get played.

I'm a woman, but sometimes I have to wonder about other members of my gender. Do we ever take ourselves seriously?

Per Salon's Broadsheet.

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