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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Showzen rocks!

A few weeks ago I waxed nostalgically about Electric Company and how today's children's shows paled by comparison. Well, MTV2's Wonder Showzen doesn't pale. One caveat though: even though the show stars kids, the show's definitely not for the kiddies!

Note, I haven't seen the show, but read Salon's write-up about the irreverent, gut-shaking antics of some of the show's skits and from these videos, I've concluded that this is one rocking show.

One popular segment featured is Beat Kids where trench-coated kiddies are sent out as beat reporters to ask some very complex and sometimes controversial questions. Tamara, the little girl pictured, queried Wall Street pedestrians with indicting questions like: "Who did you exploit today?" and "When did you sell your conscience?" At one point, she raises her fist and yells, "Citizens, rise up, rise up!" before asking the next unwary pedestrian, "Wanna go fight the power with me?" Classic.

Another popular segment involves a blue handpuppet named Clarence who in this particular skit featured at Salon's Video Dog, hounds pedestrians about their freedom of speech rights. He's so vexing that he raises the ires of several pedestrians, some of whom threaten him with hot coffee. Understand, you have to be some kinda mad to threaten a handpuppet.

As I said before, this show is obviously not for kids. First, the skits are above the comprehension level of younger audiences. Plus the show seems to push the envelope, deliberately inciting controversy that kids wouldn't understand, and that their parents wouldn't appreciate. The show has already managed to piss off the Anti-Defamation League (lesson: never dress a kid up like Hitler), the NAACP and even the Aryan Nation. Imagine all three of these organizations on the same side!

Still, it's good to see shows with some imagination and kick. Too bad some kiddies can't view it - at least the older ones. Those saccharine little PBS and Cartoon Network shows out there sure aren't preparing them for a world that isn't as sweet as they suppose.

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