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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Learning to do 3D modeling

My prior experience with 3D art has been Bryce and Poser where all I had to do was manipulate pre-fab figures and landscapes. Actually creating items in 3D seemed too intimidating, but I've signed up with an online class and finished my first homework assignment last night. The class is way cool because it provides you with a free copy of Cinema4D, a modeling software. Right now we're learning to manipulate primitive shapes like cubes, cones and spheres into recognizable objects. My virgin effort was the MP3 player below. Even this rudimentary effort took hours.

The package is actually simple once you understand the basics. The Cinema4D environment (shown below) allows for various perspectives and pre-renders. I'm hoping eventually to transfer some of this knowledge to Lightwave or Rhino.

My ultimate goal is to be able to create works like these one day. OK, maybe that's just a pipe dream. But at least I know how to model an MP3 player now.

Update: I copied and Photoshopped the dial face from my Winamp onto my project. Couldn't get it to fit perfectly but it doesn't look too bad.


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