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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another rap post

Following Roz's and Monica's leads and linking to a post from Literary Thug who speaks on crack rappers and the denigration of blacks and black women in particular and how the mass consumers of this crap are privileged suburban teens whose view of black america will be seen through the prisms of black self-denigration and the worst kind of misogyny.

I admit I was unfamiliar with crack rap and the "artists" who propagate it. It is soul-quaking to know the many stepin' fetchits are out there. Y'all the minstrel show is alive and well and it's taking everybody to hell with it. Short of some sort of ass-kicking epiphany, don't expect these fools to change their ways and speak out against their moneymaking antics.

Here is exactly what happens in a recording studio between a thug or crack rapper and his white record executive:

"OK, boy, I want you to get your black bitch in here and bend her over so I can have at her."

"Why, yessum, boss..."

(Boss leers evilly)

"And after I'm done with her, why don't you bend over, too, boy..."

The rapper grins nervously. "Yessum... but, I will get my money, right?"

"Yeah, that's right, boy, that's right."

It's a sickening interchange, but understand that is figuratively what is happening in these studios when these rappers allow themselves and black women to be verbally pummelled, beaten and raped.

I posted the following YouTube featuring spoken word artist Talaam Acey a couple of months ago, but what he says is so true, I have to post again so people will actually LISTEN. (I'm just going to have to add him permanently to my sidebar.)

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