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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Filter Forge

Found this trial plug for Adobe Photoshop called Filter Forge that's next to awesome. It allows you to create your own filters, textures, backgrounds, distortions and much more. The editor provides a series of connecting control nodes that you can play around with, experimenting with bump maps, patterns, gradients, presets. The editor's nodes are visual based and are really simplistic once you get the hang of it.

After an hour of playing and experimenting, this is what I came up with:

The good thing about this trial is that you can submit your creation, and if it passes muster, they will put it in their filter library. If you submit three filters, and they prove popular with the users, the company will give you a free copy of the software. Which beats paying the $100 for the basic. So far, I've gotten 13 downloads on my first, and that's after a day. Off to create two more. Filter Forge also gave me my own page where folks can vote, comment or download, so feel free to drop by. (I really want that free copy). :-)

Here are some other examples from the user's library:


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