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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Commercials I hate

If you haven't checked out the latest series of Six Flags commercials, then you're missing a lesson in Racist Ads 101 - Going for Old, Tired Stereotypes. In this case, an Asian dude who provides a fun rate-o-meter in a broken "Oriental" (I know, not a PC term, but so fitting here) accent. Check it out below.

If you think they were going for the ole Charlie Chan accent, you'd be correct. Angry Asian Man got the inside scoop from an Asian actor who auditioned for the commercial. He writes:

Recently there has been a Six Flags commercial where they show an Asian man randomly speaking in a stereotypical Engrish accent. I, in fact, did go to the audition for that a few months ago. The casting call said nothing about speaking in a fobby accent. When I got there, the casting guy said stuff like "think about those Charlie Chan movies" "talk like your grandfather." My grandfather was born in the United States! I was so disgusted that I left midway.

The above account reminds me of the infamous scene (although there were many) from Hollywood Shuffle where a white director, looking for an "Eddie Murphy type" tells the Robert Townsend character to act more black: "Stick your {rear end} out and bug the eyes."

Although HS was a parody, unfortunately it's based on truth. That movie came out in the 80's; you would think directors would have progressed beyond that, but judging from the Six Flags account, there's some serious regression going on. C'mon, Charlie Chan?

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