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Monday, June 16, 2008

Simply beautiful editing

I haven't followed Showtime's The Tudors too much because the few glimpses I caught seemed to be nothing more than a vehicle to showcase actor's Jonathan Rys Meyer's androgynous beauty. As a matter of fact, there must have been some contractual stipulation that every major figure in this show be played by unusually attractive actors. So, having basically blown off the show, I became curious after catching scenes from the penultimate episode featuring Anne's trial and condemnation. And although I missed the original airing of the finale depicting Anne's actual execution (see on YouTube), I managed to catch the ep on Comcast's On Demand.

Let me tell you, after watching those eps, I have become a solid Natalie Dormer fan. The Anne-centric episodes leading up to the execution displayed Dormer's impeccable and subtle acting as she vacillated between fear and calm stoicism. Her graceful performance brought Anne's execution home to me, and realizing these were Anne Boleyn's actual words and actions have made Boleyn a heroine in my eyes.

In searching for some Tudor YouTubes, I came across this beautiful vid, which seamlessly edits scenes from 1998's Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett (another fav actor) with scenes of Anne in The Tudors. The choice of Christine Aguilerra's "Oh Mother" as a musical backdrop was just brilliant, as the words play out so fittingly with each scene.


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