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Friday, June 13, 2008

The smear campaign against Michelle Obama is hitting its stride

The Fox network has sunk to a new low, but what's to be expected from the race-bating, misogynistic, intellectually- and morally-bankrupt network? In this latest debacle, wingnut Michelle Malkin actually referred to Michelle Obama as Obama's "baby mama" during a conversation with Fox anchor Megan Kelley. Just to stress the point, Fox also ran a graphic at the bottom of the screen.

Lord, when these mainstream "pundits" get ahold of an urbanism, they just want to wear it out! Obviously, these particular microbial underbelly feeders are hoping to appeal to the worst racist assumptions among their pitiful viewers. They want to confuse the already addled minds out there with the implication that no matter a black woman's station in life, no matter if she's an Ivy League alumnus, with several degrees, with a thoughtful, intelligent presence, she is still basically nothing more than a 'ho. That's how the media insists on seeing the majority of black women, and it's sickening and tired. They need a new schtick.

Of course, wingnutty Malkin is trying to make all kinds of excuses for her denigrating reference, including an that Michelle Obama once referred to her husband as her "baby's daddy." Whether it's true or not, the intent of the phrases are vastly different. One could be said to be a cute quip, while the latter is nothing more than a racist slur.

I just have to wonder - what does wingnutty Malkin think her wingnut buddies call her behind her back? Think of any racist Asian perjorative, and I bet you they've referred to her with those particular endearments. One day she's going to have her eyes opened that self-hating doesn't earn you brownie points.

See video.

Per Daily Kos.

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