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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just plain idiocy...or racism

You know how I warned you all that this race was going to get ugly, and with the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, et al, that wasn't a farfetched conclusion. The covert racism is boiling to the surface, and folks aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Even given these instances, I naively believed there were lines that marginally sane folk wouldn't dare cross; unfortunately, I was wrong.

As soon as I heard about Obama's ailing grandmother, Toots, I half-heartedly joked to myself that the conservative pundits would find a way to somehow accuse Obama of "staging" his grandmother's illness for political points. Again, it was supposed to be a joke. But obviously Chicago's Don Wade of WLS 890's husband-and-wife radio duo, Mornings with Roma and Wade, has his own twisted since of humor. Trying to make a point about how "synchophantic" the press is toward Obama, Wade, an obviously frustrated conservative, proferred a scenario where Obama suffocates his grandmother, and a forgiving press backs off.

Now, on the various political blogs, I've read right-wing accusations stating that Obama doesn't truly love his grandmother b/c she's white, or that he threw her "under the bus" during his speech on race, that he truly doesn't care about her illness b/c it took him three days to fly out to see her, that her illness isn't really serious b/c he didn't take Michelle and the kids with him. I've even incredulously read about one idiot talking head who accused Obama of being a spendthrift (in answer to a valid question about Palin's $150,000 wardrobe) because Obama took his 767 campaign plane instead of a commercial flight (as though that is logistically feasible, not to mention safe for any candidate) to visit his grandmother. But even given these accounts of varying idiocy, Wade's murder scenario ultimately snapped the last shred of decency these talking heads could have maintained. They've lost all humanity, not to mention their souls, all because they're angry that a black man is finally taking the White House.

And folks, it's going to get even scarier out there as the days count down to November 4. A woman posting at a board I frequent recounted her frightening episode with an angry anti-Obama protestor who decided that trying to run her down with his truck was a valid form of protest. Luckily, her friends pulled her out of harm's way just in time. I'm hearing more and more accounts of voter and canvasser intimidation by anti-Obama freaks; I guess that's why the other side figured they needed a canvassing horror story of their own; just one thing though - the whole thing was bogus, with shades of Susan Smith thrown in.

So folks, please be careful out there.

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