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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even in this devastating economic downturn with uncertain times ahead, there is always something for us to be grateful for. Actually, everyday we should be grateful for just having another day to live and hope. We have a new administration coming in, and although I don't expect miracles, I have confidence that we're finally moving in the right direction.

Perusing the web for some Thanksgiving facts, I came across a site regarding the first Thanksgiving supper:

The event occurred between September 21 and November 11, 1621, with the most likely time being around Michaelmas (September 29), the traditional time for English harvest homes. The settlers asked Squanto and the leader of the Wampanoags, Massasoit, to bring their immediate family and to dine with them. The English had no idea how large Indian families could be and Squanto and Massasoit arrived accompanied by 90 relatives. The feast lasted three days - not just one day as our present Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims and Indians ate outdoors at large tables and competed together in tests of skill and strength.

Governor William Bradford sent "four men fowling" after wild ducks, geese, and turkey.7 The warriors brought five deer. The feast probably consisted of the following items (constructed from original sources and historical research by the Plimoth Plantation):

Seethed [boiled] Lobster
Roasted Goose
Boiled Turkey
Fricase of Coney
Pudding of Indian Corn Meal with dried Whortleberries
Seethed Cod
Roasted Duck
Stewed Pumpkin
Roasted Venison with Mustard Sauce
Savory Pudding of Hominy
Fruit and Holland Cheese

Sounds really good and filling, although I'm not so sure about that boiled turkey. Read more at The True Thanksgiving Story


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