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Saturday, July 02, 2011

The reality behind writing conferences

This vid speaks truth about writing conferences. Unpubbed writers go there with dreams of easing the path to publication by picking the author's brain and not so much about honing their craft. They feel that if they could just get the name of an established writer's agent, the path will be cleared for them and this is often not the case. You have to know your stuff and then some before even being considered by an agent, let alone a publisher. This reality is why there has been a flux in print-on-demand services in the last decade. Too many wannabe writers attempt to circumvent the hard work of writing a good book and just decide to go for "publishing" glory (which is in fact just a ruse). The result is a lot of badly edited, badly plotted "books" out there in the market which actually harms the industry overall.

I chuckled through some of the verbiage in the vid because it was so on point, especially about the wannabe with the "idea" who wants the established writer to do the ghost work while the "idealist" gets the money and glory.

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