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Friday, September 09, 2005

First Cindy Sheehan and now Katrina Victims

Add the White House to the list of places that will be taking in Katrina victims. No, you won't see any pictures of displaced families setting up in the famous Lincoln bedroom. Instead, on September 11, you will see tent encampments out on the D. C. mall, where survivors will protest the administration's bungling of the Katrina disaster. A concerted act of civil disobedience, the encampment has informally been dubbed "Bushville," inspired by the Hooverville encampments that set up outside the White House during the Great Depression in protest of President Hoover and his policies.

The protest coincides with the Freedom March planned by the Pentagon to commemorate the fourth anniversary of September 11 and is being sponsored through two websites: and Organizers are hoping that the number of survivors participating will eventually grow into the thousands. They plan to keep the tents up during the Congressional investigations.

On September 8, PAC led a protest at the White House, with several evacuees among the protestors holding signs that read "Shame" and "Help the Hurricane Victims." Like Cindy Sheehan before them, they requested an audience with Bush and were similarly denied.

Like a growing number of Democrats, is requesting that the investigations be conducted by a body independent of the administration. The PAC is also asking that the public write letters to newspaper editors in support of an independent investigation.

See the full story at The Raw Story.

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