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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My soul just hurts

In the last couple of days I have read the gruesome details of the gang rape of a black exotic dancer by members of the mainly white Duke (NC) lacrosse team a couple of weeks ago. Adding fuel to the flame is that the attack was not just sexual but obviously racial, as well. The rape has outraged many residents of the surrounding community where the attack took place and protests have ensued, demanding that the members be charged with rape, sodomy, kidnapping and maybe even a hate crime.

Here are the details as given by the victim: two dancers, told they would be entertaining a few men at a bachelor party, arrived at a frathouse to instead find themselves surrounded by forty-seven drunken, unruly lacrosse team members. The women, unaccompanied by security, began their performance only to be pelted with contemptuous racial epithets that frightened them and reduced them to tears. When they sought to leave, some of the team members apologized and asked the women to stay and perform. Sometime during the evening, after the women left the house, one dancer went back to retrieve her purse and other items. She was pulled into a bathroom and repeatedly raped, sodomized, beaten and nearly strangled by three team members. Once she escaped, she called the police and they eventually raided the house.

As of this date, no member has admitted that an attack even occurred, not even the lone black member of the team. Fortunately for the victim, this isn’t another instance of “she said, they said.” Forensics shows that she was attacked, nearly strangled. Plus her story is substantiated by neighbors who heard the racial epithets hurled at the fleeing women. In one instance, one of the men yelled: “Tell your grandfather thanks for the cotton shirt.”

As sickening as this account is, what is more sickening is the element that I have yet to read in any of the reports. Most of the write-ups basically acknowledge the sexual aspects of the attack and glance over the racial aspects. One headline read: "Alleged Rape May Have Racial Aspect" (emphasis mine). There’s no "may have" about it. What is horribly evident, at least to me, is that the racial attack, if not the rape, was planned. Why else would these men who seemingly were contemptuous of black women in the first place, even hire them? If they wanted to get their jollies, they simply would have hired women for sexual stimulation. These women were hired to stimulate their racial enmity. They no doubt have put their lone black member through his paces, and wanted to spread the joy. I can imagine the game plan: "let’s hire some black coon bitches and party down!" These fucktards chose hate over lust when they deliberately lured these black women to their party.

I make this observation from having read of other racial attacks black dancers have experienced. In these cases, frat partygoers call in these unsuspecting dancers only to lambast them with racial epithets. Their whole focus was gratifying their racial hatred than satisfying any prurient needs.

Rachel of Rachel’s Tavern is asking the blogosphere to rally around the victim and not let her become just another invisible black woman. So here is my contribution.

Another blogger, Doug Wright, is taking heat for actually posting pictures of the teammembers, including three whose names are remembered by the victim as the names her attackers called to one another. Yes, these motherfuckers were so convinced that no one would believe the victim that they didn’t care about anonymity. Judging by the pictures, they all look like thugs and have proven my estimation. Many of them have prior charges of drunkedness and disruptive behavior.

I remember being equally outraged fifteen years ago when a similar rape occurred, again involving a black woman and white lacrosse team members. This attack took place at St. John’s University and the defendants were allowed to walk although one was eventually sentenced -- to community service.

Luckily, in this case, the prosecution means business. They're not only contemplating going after the actual attackers, but those who did nothing to stop the attack and who are refusing to come forward with the truth now. Think of that horrendous scene from The Accused starring Jodie Foster, where the onlookers not only didn't help, but spurred the attackers on.

My heart goes out to the victim, who is a full-time student at the historically black N. C. Central University with two children who only took the job to earn money for her classes and her children. This was her first dancing gig and a horrific one it turned out to be.

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