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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Is this romance?

A reader on the reader to reader message board at All About Romance wrote that she is desperate to find a book with the following description:

I read this book years ago and I can't remember the title or author, but i know what it was about. It starts out in England with a girl that just swam in a pond and this man sees her laying naked by the water and he takes advantage of her, she tells her brothers so they make her get married to him and he leaves with her back to america. Long story short she gets sold as a slave, branded as a runaway, kidnapped, mistreated by all sorts of men, but she always ends up with her husband during all this. She gets stranded on a deserted island with him and he treats her like crap, but she loves him anyways and in the end she ends up going back to england with her baby she didn't tell he had. He goes and finds her, sees his kid and they live happily ever after. I would really like to find this book and author please help me!

I'm sorry, but this just creeps me out, that she wants to read about a woman raped, sold as a slave, branded as a runaway, abused by all sorts of men but who keeps ending up with her original rapist, albeit he is now her husband. Maybe the requestor is seeking the book for some sort of analysis on old romance book themes. Or maybe she gets her groove on reading about women being degraded. Ughhh. But to be honest, back in the day (teens), I would have thought this a salacious read and probably would have finished it up in a day. Thankfully, I've grown since then.


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