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Thursday, July 12, 2007

And the award for stupidest idea goes to...

...the producers of the NYC off-broadway play, "My First Time," who are giving away free tickets - to anyone who can prove he or she is a virgin. The play is based on a website with the same name, where people recount - well, their first time. And, of course, this ties in nicely with the marketing ploy of giving "virgin" tickets away.

When I first read the caption, I was certain this was going to be about some hick theater in an uber-conservative Bible belt county where virginity balls abound and chastity belts are not unheard of. Even so, I wondered how the hell does anyone prove their virginity? Would the producers have an ob-gynie nearby ready with latex glove and wiggling finger? Not that the hyman or lack thereof is proof of anything nowadays. And how are the guys supposed to prove their purity?

But it turns out that there is nothing so drastic as this. No, actually the producers try another tact - employing the services of a "human lie detector," a self-described mind reader and psychic hypnotist who supposedly can gauge whether someone is lying or not by body language and voice tone.

Anyway, there are a number of "virgin" tickets still on reserve. So if any of you hyman-endowed folks are headed for NYC or are already in the vicinity, feel free to drop by and get your freebie.

And please give a recap of the show. I'm pretty sure there are some interested hyman-free persons who would like to know.


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