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Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you love God and be a feminist?

Feministe ponders this question following a conference given by True Women, a Christian women's group that basically promotes the idea that feminism is antithetical to Biblical teachings. Unfortunately, I agree with the group that there is a contradiction to the independence (and in my opinion, basic self-respect) of a woman and the overt patriarchy and sometimes outright misogyny (fathers handing their daughters over for sacrifice and rape just doesn't sit well with me) in the Bible. Much of this has caused me a cognitive dissonance over the years that I have yet to reconcile. First off, I don't believe in kowtowing to any man, be he husband (hypothetical at this point), friend or foe. The word "feminism" is not a bad word to me, nor is the word "liberal," both of which I would use to describe many of my worldview leanings. I'm basically a humanist, and according to the Pentacostal doctrine under which I was raised and fostered, this has no place in the body of Christ.

Here is the vid promo for the conference. Let's just say my view of "true womanhood" differs greatly than that espoused by this group. I'm human first, woman second, and I can't subsume even a bit of my independence in the name of "true malehood."

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